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Where will my YouTube Music Releases be published?
Where will my YouTube Music Releases be published?
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We currently offer two YouTube store packages: 

YouTube Music and YouTube Content ID.

YouTube Music is a streaming service similar to Spotify and Apple Music. With this store package, your releases can be listened to on YouTube Music and at the same time so-called "art tracks" are created directly on the main YouTube page. Art tracks are automatically generated YouTube versions of recordings for the store package YouTube Music. An art track consists of the recording, the album cover and the metadata of the track, e.g. the title of the song and the name of the artist. The art tracks are listed in the Topic Channel of the respective artist. When an art track is played, you will be remunerated (similar to how streaming via Spotify is remunerated).

If you want to take down your music from this store, please remove YouTube Music as a store package from your release.

If you have selected YouTube Music you have the option to also choose YouTube Content ID. Therefore you have to unlock the YouTube Content ID This means your music is registered in the YouTube Content ID database. An audio fingerprint for your release will be generated. If a creator uses your music in a video, YouTube will detect a match with the fingerprint in the database. YouTube may then show advertising before or during the video, in which case you will be paid for the play. Due to the YouTube advertising servers and algorithms, advertising may not be displayed every time.

Please mind the YouTube forbidden content and that you have to unlock the YouTube Content ID for your account.

If a video then receives a claim from us (or on behalf of Merlin), a copyright complaint will appear on YouTube Studio for that video. If you want to monetize the video via YouTube Content ID (through us), then you can simply ignore this notification.

If a video has been claimed by us (or on behalf of Merlin), and you do not wish to monetize this video on YouTube via recordJet, please send us the link of the video to [email protected].

The claim will then be withdrawn as soon as possible.

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