How do I create a Pre-Save link?
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We can provide you with the Pre-Save links to your release on Spotify, Apple & Deezer if you plan enough lead time. You can then use these links to create a Pre-Save link via one of the external providers listed below.

Please send us the GTIN of your release after the delivery confirmation. You can find the GTIN under "My Music" > Release > the long number next to "GTIN".

The links won't work before the release date but you can still use them to create a pre-save link.

If you already have access to Spotify for Artists, you can also copy the Spotify URI to your release yourself.

Here is a selection of some providers for creating pre-save links:

Besides these fee-based, more complex tools, there is also a free option:

Here you can find some more information about how to present these links to your listeners.

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